Sunbound EP

June 20, 2019

Sunbound EP

Sunbound artwork by Izzy Hines

We're so excited to share these songs with you! I wrote these songs on a bus between San Francisco and Cupertino. I spent a lot of time feeling this unsettling mix of accomplished but also deeply unsatisfied. Moving to California and working in Silicon Valley had been my dream for so long, but actually living that dream was far less fulfilling than I had hoped. In the process of writing/recording/mixing/mastering, I made a lot of changes in my life, including moving cities, switching jobs, and thinking hard about the kind of effort I want to give to my music. These songs are glimpses into my state of mind during these last two years - proud, determined, regretful, and anxious, sometimes all at once.

The songs started out as demos I recorded on guitar in Logic Pro. I shared the demos with my co-worker Justin Davis and he was anxious to record drum parts on them.

Justin Davis recording drums for Last Weekend at his home studio in Oakland, CA
Justin recording drums for Last Weekend at his home studio in Oakland, CA

Justin recorded drums for all four songs on the EP at his home studio in Oakland, CA. We emailed countless demos back and forth until we got what we determined was the perfect take :)

Noah and Charles recording Last Weekend at Music City SF
Charles and Noah recording Last Weekend at Music City SF

I met Charles Pariente when I first moved to the Bay Area from the midwest. I was looking for a guitar teacher on craigslist and his listing spoke to me. He was in the band Easy Target, which is very much inspired by Blink-182. I started lessons immediately and was very excited to work with a guitarist who enjoyed alternative music as much as I do. After a handful of lessons, we started to review my demos in Logic Pro and Charles started to get excited about the prospect of working on them. Fast forward a few months and we were recording them for real at Music City!

Noah, Justin, and Nick rehearsing at Music City

I wrote and performed the bass parts in Sunbound EP, but I was looking for a bass player to play them live. I asked my roommate Nick if he'd be interested in learning bass to join the band and his answer was an immediate yes! Since he's joined the band, he's improved the songs so much! With Nick focusing entirely on the bass riffs and me focusing on singing and writing, we've been pumping out songs faster than I ever imagined. I can't wait for you to hear his magical playing on the next release!

Anyway! You can listen to the EP on all streaming services today :)